樗—自然裡的美術館 (Ailanthus, or The Living Museum of Art by Nature) is an environmental installation made by Charif in Guandu Nature Park (Taipei) and consisting in 66 artworks arranged as an exhibition in a natural museum without walls, from 9th September to 31th December 2016. 



Old frames, hemp rope, found objects, eco paint.



I don’t know how to make a masterpiece, but I know that to learn how to paint or produce art is necessary first to learn how to see. The lines of a bark’s tree, the storm over the ocean, that design of the rainbow leaf beetle (or Chrysolina cerealis) are arguably expressions of the Universe in its subtle and spontaneous manners. In some way, it’s art from a natural talent who never was contaminated by art schools, trends or market.

I only found a museum of art in this natural space, in Guandu, and I stressing the lines using her elements (branches, leaves, stones), but also trash that I found in forests and rivers from different countries (like broken toys) because, as Zuang Zhou teach us in that passage about the “useless” Ailanthus, uselessness is useful if we found the usefulness.

This project is strongly linked to my own life, in which I am more and more identify with the useless tree rather than the useful “artist”.

-Gustavo Charif, Taipei, october 2016.-


WORKS (click on thumbnails to enlarge the images)

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The artist want to say special thanks to all the volunteers who helped him in the accomplishment of the works (莊雅惠, Pei-Pei Dai, Shuang-Pu Tsai, Xing-Xing Tang, Pei-Chen Lin, Chen Ines, 李汶儒, 曾鈺文, 黃旭華, Caramel, TingTing, Anna Hsieh, Taresa Wang, Cassandra Yue, Mrs. Grace, Mrs. Alice, Renee Yeh and the little boy Kai-Kai) but also thanks to all the Guandu Nature Park 關渡自然公園 authorities for the invitation to the 關渡國際自然藝術季 Guandu International Nature Art Festival, and Ellen Jan, Yen-ju Lai, Ashi, Winnie Yen, 曾雲龍 and all the team of the Park who helped in many ways, not only with resources and logistic.

Also thanks to Charif’s family (sister Sonia, parents Zulma and Said, and niece Micaela) and the friends 白濟豪, Nemo Lin, Martín Ramírez and María Inés Martínez.

Special thanks to 陳雅芬 (Yah Feng) and Victor Chu, from the Oficina Cultural y Comercial de Taipei in Argentina, and to His Excellency Mr. Huang Lien-Sheng (黃聯昇), ambassador of Taiwan in Argentina.


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